News for August

SoAR will have a launch at a new field near Dawsonville on Saturday, August 8. Details coming soon.

There is a club party and swap meet scheduled for the Blanco house on August 22nd. The party will replace the August club meeting. We will carve out some time for serious discussion. Please hunt around for those “rocketry related” items that you would rather swap than use. We’ll have tables set up for swappage. Food and soft drinks will be provided. Yes, there will be cake. We will offer door prizes of low/mid-power reloadable motors and with one 18mm reloadable case going to a lucky party goer. If you are new to the hobby, this is a great way to see and maybe purchase stuff that you can only read about on the web.

A possible Labor Day launch in Commerce is still awaiting permission.

The end of September will feature a launch at Lilly as scheduled.

The GRITS launch near Tifton, GA will be scheduled for late March ’16 in hopes for drier weather.

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July 11th Launch Report


The July 11th Mill Springs Launch was held on a warm… ok… hot and sunny day with moderate winds helping to keep things a bit more comfortable, but sometimes complicating some of the recoveries. The forecasted ninety plus temperatures did not deter the fifty-eight participants who filled the skies with one hundred and forty five launches during a very busy morning and early afternoon. Cub Scouts helped to bolster the number of participants at the start of the day, but by late morning we settled into a steady flow of launches which resulted in the following motor selection counts: nine 1/2A motors, twenty-seven A motors, forty B, fifty-seven C, five D, four E, two F. The most common motor used was the C6-5.

Herb launched an Art Applewhite Saucer on an F16-6 and Steve Bellio sent his PML Small Endeavor skyward on a F42-4T. There were other remarkable launches including Kevin Boyd’s Estes Executioner powered by E motors and LK’s scratch built Sputnik lofted by an A10-3T motor. There were four two stage launches all using B6-0s in their booster stage.

With lots of shade and plenty of hydration the day was enjoyable by all those in attendance. Some of my favorite rockets names for this event were “More Sharks Flying”, “Super Kitty Eleven”, “Claptrap”, and “Red Neck Rocket”… who comes up with this stuff?

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Pictures from Southern Thunder

18822041319_84a95c856b_qKevin Boyd’s photos from this past weekend’s Southern Thunder launch in Manchester, TN can be found here and here. Enjoy!

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Sport Rocketry!

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Dale’s Bucket O’Rockets Still Here!

At each SoAR launch there is usually a bucket (white, about 12″ diameter), whose location on the field is chosen at random, that is designated as Dale Windsor’s Bucket O’Rockets. Land any part of your rocket in that bucket (after a safe flight and recovery!) and you’ll win a jackpot of rocket kits. If no one gets in the bucket at a launch, the prizes will roll over to the next launch, and another prize will (seldomly!) be added!

In the eight+ years that we’ve been doing this, only a couple of rockets Read more

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Where Do I Fly My Rocket?

(minor updates, Nov ’14) A dilemma faced by many: “I, or my son or daughter, received a model rocket for Christmas (or birthday, or graduation, or other occasion). Where do we go to launch it?”  So here is a short guide to flying a model rocket in the metro Atlanta area.

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