SoAR High Power Launch at Lilly This Saturday

14756408441_e7a83eff82_oSoAR will sponsor a high power launch (low power welcomed, as usual) at the field near Lilly, GA on Saturday, October 25. The launch starts promptly at 10 AM and ends either at 5 PM or when everyone is done flying rockets.

If you are new to SoAR, the field near Lilly is approximately 1/2 mile square. Losing a low/mid-power rocket on this field can be done, but it takes some effort. The altitude restriction for high power rockets is 5,000 feet. If you can get higher with low to mid power, have at it!

As always, we need people to sign on for Range Duty and Setup/Take Down.

Highway 230 is closed between the split with 329 and Byromville. Take 329 at the split and there should be DETOUR signs leading you back to Byromville and 230. If not, take 329, turn left onto highway 26, continue into Montezuma, turn left onto highway 90 which will take you into Byromville where you can turn right onto 230 and continue to the Lilly field. That’s a long way (maybe 15-20 extra miles), but it stays on “major” roads. An alternative MAY be to take 329 about five miles, turn left on to Savage Road, turn right onto Poplar Springs Road, and follow that into Byromville.

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SoAR Contest Schedule Announced

SoAR Contest Director Tom Kinard has announced a series of contests which will be held at SoAR Mill Springs launches (and one high power contest to be held at the GRITS WinterNationals) throughout 2015. These are not official NAR contests but some have similar rules and objectives. The schedule and rules may be found on the SoAR website’s Contest page.

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October Mill Springs Launch Report

A cloudy morning started with a just a few launches between the rain drops, but the weather slowly improved and by mid-morning blue skies began to appear and activity on the launch pads picked up.  There were a total of 60 launches made by 26 participants including members from the Georgia Perimeter College Space Club.  There were twenty rockets being flown for the first time; six of these were scratch built.  We saw our first 3D printed rocket engineered by Denmark Hodges that completed two successful launches with an onboard GoPro HERO camera on Aerotech E28 motors (very extraordinary). Steve Bellio successfully launched and recovered four rockets that completed six total launches powered by everything from E15-4W to G77-4R.

Otherwise the B6-4 was the most often used motor throughout the day with twelve total launches followed by the D12-5 and B4-4 with six launches each.  Oliver Long was the most active participant with a total of fourteen launches including a return of his Estes Leviathan sent skyward on an E16-6 and successfully recovered.

So what began as a dreary start became an enjoyable outing with visitors arriving throughout the day to enjoy the October skies and many impressive flights.

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September Lilly Launch Preliminary Report

14756408441_e7a83eff82_oWe had twenty flyers at Saturday’s launch in Lilly, with a total of 104 flights running the full gamut from A to K impulse.

A full report should be coming up soon.

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September Mill Springs Launch Results

Jeff Coons brings us the launch report: “Although muggy and overcast at the start of the day, twenty-six participants completed ninety-eight launches with motors ranging from 1/4A3-3T on Tyler’s Estes Mini Mosquito up to an F16-6 used by Herb on his Art Applewhite 29mm Saucer. A8-3s were used for fourteen launches followed by eleven launches on B6-4s. C6-5s and D12-5 were frequently chosen (nine launches each). We also saw the launch and successful recovery of Oliver’s Estes Leviathan pushed skyward by an E20-7. Even with C6-5s launching smaller rockets we enjoyed very light winds during the morning hours and achieved many successful recoveries. Kevin Boyd brought many examples of nicely finished higher skill level models that entertained a good turnout with fifteen total launches from his collection. The day saw thirty-one First Flights.

William began a Marshmallow Eating Le Mans event that saw a half dozen competitors racing to the launch pads to launch a rocket carrying a marshmallow and then retrieving their rockets to race back to the starting point to consume the marshmallow. Best time was obtained by Glenn Harper who beat the second place contestant (Cole) by 5.5 seconds at a time of 1:02.14 using his Estes Sky Trax with an A8-3 (low altitude / close recovery strategy – a wise man). A special launch by Joel Downs of a D12-5 three-motor cluster on his Papa Joe 3X rocket celebrated the 67th birthday of his dad Joe. Throughout the day we had three two-stage launches – all successfully recovered I believe and one other cluster of three A8-5s on a Der Red Max by Glenn. Lots of visitors and lots of action made the day progress quickly with many comments being heard of those thoroughly enjoying their time at the field.

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Get Well, Concepción!

Concepción BlancoWe finally have an update on Concepción Blanco. As you may know, she had open heart surgery on August 25 to replace her aortic valve and 10 cm of her aorta to repair an aneurysm. She left the hospital on September 2nd and is in rehab at Signature Heath Care of Marietta.

Her son, Jorge, says that Concepción has made slow but steady progress. This morning (09/12) she was able to stand on her own with no support. Not bad for an 89 year old that has a new aortic valve and 10 cm of new aorta in her!!!! She needs to progress to the “walker” stage before they’ll let her go home, but we’re getting there.

Jorge also urges people who have a history of aneurysm in the family to get an echo cardiogram. It’s not that expensive, your insurance will probably cover it, and it is one of the easiest tests to do. It’s an ultrasound test, so it involves someone jabbing you with a ball covered in cold, slippery gel while you just lay there! Fun!

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NAR’s New Website Online

narwebsitepicThe National Association of Rocketry has finally updated their website to a new responsive design. Check it out!

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Creekview Team Takes Silver In Farnborough

News release from the Aerospace Industries Association on the 2014 Farnborough International Air Show and the International Rocketry Challenge. Sounds like they far outperformed either the French or UK teams, but the French team must’ve had a really good presentation.

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Report From The July Lilly Launch

14756408441_e7a83eff82_oNinety five rockets took to the skies above Lilly, GA at the launch on July 26, including eleven high power flights and over thirty mid-power flights. Follow the link for Kevin Boyd’s photos of the launch.

We had one level 1 certification attempt that succeeded – Congratulations to Kevin Boyd flying his Mega Red Max on an H140-10 motor. Mario Panebianco flew his semi-scratch built BSD 5.5” Horizon on a K550 for a spectacular flight with recovery within a few hundred feet of the pad….Nice Flight! Mark Dibois lit things up with his “Fire in the Sky” dual-deploy project flying on a J285 for a great flight and successful recovery. Monica Helms flew her “Sky Net” on a variety of motors and sent up a camera for good measure.

All-in-all it was a great day for flying…if you didn’t mind drinking deet for the gnats!  It’s not bad if you chase it with Gatorade!!!!
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National Sport Launch 2015 In Orangeburg, SC

The National Association of Rocketry recently announced that the 2015 National Sport Launch (NSL 2015) will be held in Orangeburg, SC, at the SuperSod field where NSL 2008 and the yearly Freedom Launches are held.

The announcement was made at the closing banquet of the NAR’s Annual Meet, NARAM 56, at the end of July in Pueblo, Colorado.  Next year’s NARAM-57 will be held in Tucson, Arizona.

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Jeff Coons’ July Mill Springs Launch Report

The Mill Springs July 12th launch event experienced calm to light winds and partly cloudy skies that provided a perfect backdrop for the 78 launches that were completed by 14 participants and their supporting family members. Herb launched a virtual saucer invasion with a dozen launches on B, C, and D engines. For others the calm wind enticed as many as 13 C6-5 launches with successful recoveries for all but a few. For top honors Steve B. brought out his EZI-65 which raced skyward on a G78-4G for an impressive flight and successful recovery. We also had a good number of 2 and 3 cluster motor launches with good results. Even a lucky (?) grasshopper was awarded a payload designation on one flight of a Quest Payloader by Lucas and an egg payload recovery was attempted by Herb with much less than perfect results… oh well. Spinning parachutes on Chevis’s scratch built rockets were very nice to watch against patches of blue sky. Boost gliders launched by Marcus performed really well and another interesting recovery option was done via “nose blow”… (OK, I’ll need Roy’s explanation for that one). Overall this was a fun and very successful launch event.

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Dale’s Bucket O’Rockets Still Here!

At each SoAR launch there is usually a bucket (white, about 12″ diameter), whose location on the field is chosen at random, that is designated as Dale Windsor’s Bucket O’Rockets. Land any part of your rocket in that bucket (after a safe flight and recovery!) and you’ll win a jackpot of rocket kits. If no one gets in the bucket at a launch, the prizes will roll over to the next launch, and another prize will (seldomly!) be added!

In the six+ years that we’ve been doing this, only a couple of rockets Read more

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Where Do I Fly My Rocket?

(Updated 9/7/12, see below) A dilemma faced by many: “I, or my son or daughter, received a model rocket for Christmas (or birthday, or graduation, or other occasion). Where do we go to launch it?”  So here is a short guide to flying a model rocket in the metro Atlanta area.

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