Jeff’s Dragway Launch Report

On a brisk and sunny November day at the Atlanta Dragway we had thirty-three participants who launched a total of 125 rockets. Motors ranged from 1/2A to J with the following distribution:

Motor Class Count
1/2A 6
A 13
B 22
C 32
D 14
E 19
F 8
G 12
H 2
I 5
J 1

Note: Total engine count is greater than launch count due to many multi-stagers.

There were both sport and scale models from many different manufacturers with some of these being flown for the first time at this event. A few of these higher altitude rockets lofted cameras and/or altimeters.

We enjoyed a good participant turnout with many family members who came along to enjoy watching numerous mid-powered launches on a blue sky afternoon.

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Jeff’s November Mill Springs Launch Report

IMG_8683Fair autumn skies saw ninety launches by twenty-two participants at the SoAR November Mill Springs Launch.  Moderate and sometime variable winds provided ample opportunity for many successful flights and recoveries with motors ranging from 1/4A to F32.  The favorite choice was the B6-4 which boosted fourteen rockets skyward while C6-5 saw eleven launches.  A three stage launch (A8-0/A8-0/A8-5) was successfully flown and recovered by Warren with his retro Farside.  Steve successfully launched and flew two remote control boosted gliders for four spectacular flights with motors ranging from E12 to F15.

Throughout the day we saw many parasitic gliders and space planes with some really good results.  A Space Shuttle scratch built by Marcus was remarkably realistic in its lift off, booster separation, and especially with how the Space Shuttle glided down back to earth with a very flat glide angle.

So all-in-all we had another good turnout of participants, many with family and all enjoying a variety of interesting launches on a beautiful autumn day.

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SoAR Contest Schedule Announced

SoAR Contest Director Tom Kinard has announced a series of contests which will be held at SoAR Mill Springs launches (and one high power contest to be held at the GRITS WinterNationals) throughout 2015. These are not official NAR contests but some have similar rules and objectives. The schedule and rules may be found on the SoAR website’s Contest page.

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National Sport Launch 2015 In Orangeburg, SC

The National Association of Rocketry recently announced that the 2015 National Sport Launch (NSL 2015) will be held in Orangeburg, SC, at the SuperSod field where NSL 2008 and the yearly Freedom Launches are held.

The announcement was made at the closing banquet of the NAR’s Annual Meet, NARAM 56, at the end of July in Pueblo, Colorado.  Next year’s NARAM-57 will be held in Tucson, Arizona.

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Dale’s Bucket O’Rockets Still Here!

At each SoAR launch there is usually a bucket (white, about 12″ diameter), whose location on the field is chosen at random, that is designated as Dale Windsor’s Bucket O’Rockets. Land any part of your rocket in that bucket (after a safe flight and recovery!) and you’ll win a jackpot of rocket kits. If no one gets in the bucket at a launch, the prizes will roll over to the next launch, and another prize will (seldomly!) be added!

In the six+ years that we’ve been doing this, only a couple of rockets Read more

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Where Do I Fly My Rocket?

(minor updates, Nov ’14) A dilemma faced by many: “I, or my son or daughter, received a model rocket for Christmas (or birthday, or graduation, or other occasion). Where do we go to launch it?”  So here is a short guide to flying a model rocket in the metro Atlanta area.

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