September 9th Mill Springs Launch Report

The September 9th Mill Springs Launch had twenty-seven participants launch eighty-one rockets. Comfortable temperatures and sunny blue skies prevailed throughout the event; although there were gusty winds, these were directed down the length of the field which kept almost all recoveries just an easy walk.

Most participants took few risks with reasonable motor selections, but not all. Lee Childers took an Estes Alpha III to maximum altitude with a D10-5 and then brisk upper-level winds proceeded to take the little Alpha far afield. Glenn Harper also considered his LOC Graduator expendable and selected a G74-6 for its thrilling ride and a long drift down to the lower edge of the field just out of reach. With better success Kevin Scholberg fired off his LOC Arcas powered by a F44-4w and Steve Bellio had his Raven launched with a F50-4T. We also enjoyed seeing James fire off his three-stage Estes Mini Commanche with a successful recovery. These were great spectator launches.

Also of interest were some older rockets making their way back out to the field. Kevin Scholberg launched a Centuri Mercury Redstone on a C6-3 and his Estes Sizzler Classic (rear chute ejection worked wonderfully) on a C6-3. Roy Green loaded a scratch built Mercury Little Joe on the pad and launched it with a C6-3 as well. It was a very successful day with lots of other cool stuff to watch as always.  Event Photos by Kevin Boyd

Motor Ignition Counts:

  • 1/2A – 2
  • A – 13
  • B – 24
  • C – 22
  • D – 12
  • E – 7
  • F – 2
  • G – 1