September 23rd Dawsonville Launch Event Report

At SoAR’s first 2017 Fall launch in Dawsonville we had thirty-seven participants launch 112 rockets. Light easterly winds, a few puffy clouds, and summertime temperatures made for ideal conditions to encourage many to reach for the highest altitudes at our mid-power field.  Bill provided and also setup a new sound system which proved to be very effective in keeping the participants and spectators well informed of all activities out on the pads.

Some of those soaring highest were Frank Patton’s Estes Ascender two stage flight powered by F15-0 to E8-7 combination, Kevin Scholberg’s Dee Dee Ramone launching with a D12-0 booster then sustained by a D12-7, Allison Cooksey launched a two stage Estes Flying Colors on a D12-0 to C6-7, and Bob Taylor also used this same combination for his Estes Firestorm.

From a craftsman perspective Monica flew her scratch-built and steampunked Steampipe successfully on a G77 and scratch built and battle-ready Suraco on a G79W. Lee Childers won a design contest with his outstanding recreation of the Estes Black Hole Space Probe that he flew on a C6-3. Joe Burley brought out a Mad Cow Cheese spool shaped vehicle and entertained us with a rare Estes Death Star that, by design, breaks apart at apogee.

Thanks to Coyote Rocketry who arrived to provide those most often needed supplies to keep rockets launching and rocketeers hydrated.  At the end of the event a few rumbles of thunder in the mountains to the north accompanied the take-down crew and put a fitting end to a very successful launch event.  Event Photos

Motor ignition counts:

  • 1/2A – 1
  • A – 9
  • B – 9
  • C – 31
  • D – 14
  • E – 27
  • F – 16
  • G – 9