Quarterly Craftsmanship Contest

At the January Mill Springs launch, Keith Frazier of Coyote Rocketry announced a new contest open to all.

Details are still being worked out, but three rockets, of three different difficulties will be selected. Contestants will pick one, build and paint it as well as possible. At the first launch of the next quarter (The initial launch will be the April Mill Springs launch) the rocket must be flown, recovered, and then will be displayed for the judges to pick a winner based on craftsmanship. The winner will probably get a generous gift certificate to Coyote Rocketry.

Again, exact rules are still being worked out, and two of the three rockets are yet to be selected, but you can get a head start on the Black Hole Space Probe rocket. The special nose cone/nozzle set is part of the NC-50 nose cone set from Estes.