October 14th Mill Springs Launch Event Report

On a very comfortable Fall day there were thirty-four participants who came out to launch 109 rockets at the SoAR October 14th Mill Springs Launch Event. There was a steady pace of rockets being placed on the pads throughout the event and a very interesting variety of scale and sport models both large and teeny tiny as well as new and old.

Those who came out to watch the action got thrilled by Steve Bellio’s Estes Partizon roaring off the pad on a F44-4W and John Phelps Estes Mammoth powered by a E20-4. Kevin Scholberg’s Art Applewhite 10” Saucer on a F15-0 was another crowd pleaser as was the return of his 7.5 foot tall Estes Dude that went somewhat skyward somewhat sideward on a D12-3.

On a smaller note we had Justin Moore’s Estes Mosquito doing a disappearing act on a 1/2A3-4T, and even smaller were the tiny Micromax rockets that Kevin showcased. Ron Stancil brought out and flew a very nice selection of small scale models like the Edmonds Gemini, Mercury Redstone, and one beautiful flight of his scratch-built Little Joe on a B6-4. Ron also successfully flew and recovered an Estes Mini Comanche 3 on an A10-0T/A10-0T/A3-4T three stage boost. Another standout was John Lawrence’s Thrustline Arapahoe E that he flew on a C11-5.

The event also included a contest held by Coyote Rocketry (participants predicting altitudes for two launches of an Estes Photon Disruptor flown on a D21-4T).

Check out some of the action in these event photos.

Motor Ignition Count:

  • Micromax – 1
  • 1/4A – 2
  • 1/2A – 2
  • A – 22
  • B – 30
  • C – 33
  • D – 11
  • E – 11
  • F – 3