November 11th Mill Springs Launch Report

Before the Noon launch event began, Jorge setup and supported a special morning event for Cub Scout Pack 135, Roswell Georgia. The Pack launched seventy-four rockets into a chilly morning sky. By Noon as the Cub Scouts were wrapping up, our regular club members began arriving at the field and preparing their rockets. The day warmed up and the winds became varied from light to moderate and kept mostly directed down the length of the field. During the afternoon fourteen participants launched fifty-three rockets, spools, and spinners.

Lee Childers flew a unique Apogee Gyro Chaser that performed very well on multiple A10-3T flights and had a sleek scratch-built Mach1 that saw two launches on a C11-3 and one on a D12-5 all launched from a special built rail guide. Roy Green loaded-up the pads with very unique looking designs including Odd’l Rockets Pigasus, New Way’s Geometric, and FlisKits Praetor all powered by B4-2s. Dave dusted-off his Estes Vega from the 1970s and sent it up on a beautiful flight with a B6-4. Hunter successfully flew and retrieved a two stage Estes Solar Flare on a B6-0 booster and a A3-4T sustainer.  Event Photos

Engine ignition counts (does not include Cub Scout launches):

1/2A – 3
A – 18
B – 20
C – 6
D – 4
E – 6