May 27th Dawsonville Launch Report

The May 27th Dawsonville Launch Event had twenty-five participants launch sixty-two rockets.  The field having received plentiful rain in the preceding weeks was in healthy growth mode, which although beautiful in a nature-loving way, made some recoveries search and rescue missions.  Some of the highlights included Andrew Robinson’s heads-up Grits Blitz (scratch-built from round grits containers) which was attempted on a B6-4 (too long of a delay), a C6-3 (oops… unstable), and finally successful on a B6-2.  For mid-power excitement, there was Lee Childers’ Estes Goblin going up on an E9-8, David Sleeman’s Estes Leviathan sent up on a G40-7W, and Jeff Eshbaugh’s Estes Argent powered by a G76-7G.  We also enjoyed seeing some rare models such as Ken Frye’s Shrox Stiletto flown on a D12-5 and his Estes Exo-skell on a D12-3.  Event Photos

Motor Ignition counts were as follows:

  • 1/2A – 1
  • A – 4
  • B – 16
  • C – 13
  • D – 14
  • E – 10
  • F – 2
  • G – 2