March 25th Dawsonville Launch Report

For the March Dawsonville launch we had twelve participants launch sixty-three rockets into partly cloudy skies.  Once again we were challenged with winds that were gusting heavily later in the day, but during more moderate periods we saw many mid-power launches.  Jeff Eshbaugh sent his LOC Viper III up on a cluster of three E9-6s and his Estes Argent skyward on a F15-6.

We saw an impressive launch of Kevin Scholberg’s Estes Saturn V on an E28-4T and his brightly colored Estes Scion on a F42-4T.  Top shot goes to Steve Bellio who brought out his LOC Mothership (Heavy Duty Beauty) and used a G71-7R to send it streaking off the launch pad.  Tethered chute releases on Steve’s launches kept recoveries less of an inconvenience.  Alan L. also used this technique successfully on his scratch-built Soft Iron and Launch Pad Bolo, both powered by E30-7s.

Coyote Rocketry attended the event and sponsored a give-away drawing for an Estes Bull Pup 12D kit and launched three Estes Crayons on C6-5s for youngsters to retrieve and then own.  Lots of smiles!  Additional Launch Photos

Motor Ignition Counts:
A – 10
B – 13
C – 19
D – 10
E – 14
F – 3
G – 2