March 11th Mill Springs Launch Report

The March Mill Springs Launch event had thirty participants launch ninety-six rockets.  The early afternoon hours provided the best time for launching as winds were light at both higher altitudes and at field level.  Coyote Rocketry attended the event and provided rocket kits as giveaways to lucky participants whose flight cards were randomly drawn.  The event saw some interesting motor clusters being tried by Jack Bentley with his Estes X Prize Starchaser Industries Thunderstar on two A8-3s, Jim Cain’s Semroc Defender on three B6-4s, Steve Bellio’s TMRK Aries attempted on four C11-3s although two of the motors appeared to have malfunctioned, and Kevin Scholberg’s LOC Starbright with a pair of D12-3s.

We enjoyed watching multiple flights of Jacob Schwartz’s Estes Quinstar and the scratch-built creations brought out by Kevin Scholberg including his Cosmic Wedgie flown with a E28-4T.  We also had Semroc Mars Landers flown by Jim Cain and Tom Thurmond successfully on C6-3s.  There was a thrilling drag race between Maddy’s Estes Purple Crayon and Sara’s Silver Crayon each flown on C6-5s.  Late in the day as the cloud deck lowered and a few rain drops appeared with stronger chilly winds, the event ended a bit early.  Event Photos by Kevin Boyd
Motor ignition counts:

  • 1/2A – 4
  • A – 11
  • B – 34
  • C – 32
  • D – 13
  • E – 7
  • F – 0
  • G – 2