June 10th Mill Springs Launch Report

Light winds and summertime temperatures helped bring out thirty-six participants to launch 123 rockets at the SoAR June Launch event at Mill Springs. Activity at the pads was steady throughout the day. Jacob Schwartz filled the skies with rocket boosted gliders by launching his Estes Astron Skydart II with a C6-3 and a B6-2 as well as a simultaneous launch of his Fliskits Tri-Glide (three gliders) on a C6-5 and an Estes Shuttle Express (two gliders) on a C6-3. Steve Bellio got his LOC EZI-65 to roar off the pad with a G75-4M, got in two flights of his Estes Partizon with F44-4Ws, and sent his 9” Pyramid of Doom downfield on a G77-4R. Kevin Boyd flew his LOC Star Fighter on a E30-4 and his Estes QCC Explorer on a D12-5 – always beautiful going up.

Coyote Rocketry was in attendance to help keep everyone in good supply of engines and to provide refreshment for the many participants and family members who got thirsty. During this event we also had a Bullpup contest that had some outstanding entries and was judged for overall construction detail and accuracy as well as a required successful flight and recovery (needs write-up).

Check out these event photos by Kevin Boyd

Motor ignition counts:

  • 1/2A – 4
  • A – 6
  • B – 60
  • C – 31
  • D – 15
  • E – 2
  • F – 3
  • G – 2