July 8th Mill Springs Launch Event Report

On a typical midsummer day where relentless heat and humidity came early and spent the day at the July 8th Mill Springs Launch Event there were thirty-seven rocket enthusiasts ready to launch ninety-one rockets and saucers. We had many first-timers who braved the heat to come out and watch, learn, and participate in an exciting day of rocketry.

Of special interest was Gabe’s version of Robert Goddard’s “Nell”.  From history (March 16, 1926), Goddard’s rocket rose just 41 feet during a 2.5-second flight that ended 184 feet away in a cabbage field. Gabe’s Nell had a similar albeit shortened flight on a B6-4 (minus the cabbage patch). His Sputnik on a A10-3T and scratch built Gyroc (flown by Chris) on a A8-3 performed very nicely. Steve Bellio had an impressive flight of his PML Amraam 2 on a F42-4T and got everyone’s attention with the Pyramid of Doom flown with a G75-4M but I believe this time will be remaining at field for now. Glenn Harper also had an outstanding flight of his LOC “Expendable” on a F36 which arrived back safely mid-field while Keith Frazier took an Estes Mammoth and built a F15-0/F15-8 chad for a one-way flight path somewhere way west.

From a craftsman standpoint we were wowed by Kevin Boyd’s beautifully detailed Xarconian Cruiser that was flown successfully on a C6-3 and Sara C. flew a nicely decorated Princess Rocket on a B6-4 that went straight off the pad and easily recovered. Eric Wilfert’s DRM (Der Red Max) was also impressive on the pad and got a good workout with five flights on B6-4s and B4-2s.  Event Photos by Kevin Boyd

Motor Ignition Counts:

  • 1/4A – 1
  • A – 21
  • B – 35
  • C – 24
  • D – 4
  • E – 2
  • F – 4
  • G – 1