January 28 Dawsonville Launch Report

Despite the brisk January winds, we had fourteen participants launch twenty-seven rockets. It was a day well suited for streamers and tethered parachutes to help make recoveries less troublesome. And although all rockets were eventually retrieved the winds certainly carried a few that were riding down on parachutes far afield, especially for those who reached for higher altitudes. Still, there were some impressive flights like Tom Thurmond’s Estes Argent launched with a F42, Brody Patton’s Maxi Alpha on a F44-4W, Alan Luebs’ scratch-built Soft Iron lofted by a F15-7, and Frank Patton’s Aerotech Initiator on a F15-7. I was also amused by Jack Bentley’s Garbage Rocket (dishwashing soap bottle with fins?) on a C6-3. Due to the unrelenting winds, the event wrapped up early. A special note of appreciation to all of those who helped take down the launch equipment.

Motor ignition counts:

  • A – 2
  • B – 4
  • C – 8
  • D – 7
  • E – 2
  • F – 4

Additional Event Photos