January 14th Mill Springs Launch Report

On a most incredibly warm and almost windless January afternoon forty participants and many supporting family members enjoyed a very active event where 108 rockets were launched. Throughout the day there was steady activity that included many first-time flights and first-time flyers. I particularly enjoyed a good number of scale models especially SpaceX Falcon 9 models by David Cain and Jose Morales – and on the same day that a full-scale SpaceX Falcon rocket successfully blasted off from California and successfully touched down on a platform in the Pacific Ocean. Our slightly less sophisticated versions came down by parachute. Tom Thurmond stuck a perfect landing with his Semroc Mars Lander Phoenix although there was immense drama as the parachute ejection delayed until the last possible split second (see the video below). There were also many other interesting flights such as Roy Green’s Quest DC-X and Steve Bellio’s Pyramid of Ugly, Pyramid of Gloom, and his 9” Pyramid flown with authority on a G75-4M. It was a beautiful day with a large turnout and with plenty of action for all of those who made it out.

Motor Ignition counts:

  • 1/2A – 2
  • A – 9
  • B – 44
  • C – 29
  • D – 18
  • E – 12
  • F – 1
  • G – 1

Additional Event Photos