“Halt and Catch Fire” Season Premiere

SoAR participated in a small way in the upcoming fourth and final season of AMC’s drama, “Halt and Catch Fire,” which is produced here in Atlanta, and will start on Saturday, August 19. Check your listings for AMC (the “Walking Dead” channel!).

The episode that SoAR assisted in should air September 16, but that is just a guess based on production order. Production order and airing order are not always the same, and there’s always a chance our scenes could end up in the editing suite bit bucket. We’ll know for sure closer to air date.

In the meantime, if you’re interested you can catch up on the series on Netflix. It is about a group of people who’ve lived and worked together in the computer industry from the dawn of the personal computer in the early 80’s through the beginnings of the World Wide Web in the early 90’s. This season is set in 1994. Warning: this is a drama that deals with adult situations and has strong language.

How is SoAR involved? Well, without giving out spoilers, we can tell you that a number of SoAR members built rockets that are flown by most of the major cast members. Jorge, Roy, and Glenn assisted on the set when the rockets were flown. And… that’s about all we can tell you here until after it airs! Glenn gave an excellent rundown on the SoARChat list, which you may see in other forms later.

So here’s the fourth season trailer: