August 12th Mill Springs Launch Report

The August 12th launch event at Mill Springs had twenty-eight participants launch eighty-three rockets. Following a few days of scattered showers, the day turned out to be mostly calm with favorable winds and partly cloudy skies, although heat and humidity was a factor later in the afternoon.

Special spare part creations that were started at the Thursday SoAR meeting arrived at the field for flight testing. Competing for honors were Glenn’s Loopy Larry’s Aerobatic + Snake Oil, Jorge’s I Don’t Know, Bill’s Katie, and Jeff’s Lil’ Hoss. Glenn’s entry lived up to its name and failed flight qualification loopily as did Jeff’s Lil’ Hoss that remained perched and unrecoverable. Both Katie and I Don’t Know had successful qualifying flights and in the end the marvelously creative and striking rocket named Katie won the event.

Also of interest was Mike Nehez’s sleek looking scratch built IQSY Tomahawk flown on a B6-4 then a C6-5 and Russell Puryear’s LOC Onyx that streaked skyward on an E30-6. Tom Kinard flew his Estes Ventris on a E16-4 and an Estes Leviathan on a F27-4R. Linda took her Estes Big Daddy up on a C11-3, then higher on a D12-5, then higher on a F40 and I believe that was the end of that. Michael Shimer brought a couple of Space X Falcon 9s and had four successful flights on D12-5s. All-in-all much fun, action, and many successful flights.  See these  Event Photos

Motor Ignition counts:

  • 1/2A – 4
  • A – 14
  • B – 28
  • C – 14
  • D – 17
  • E – 6
  • F – 2