20th Anniversary Launch Today in Dawsonville

SoAR had its first launch in late April 1997, and so we’re celebrating twenty years of rocket flying with a cookout at the April 22nd launch in Dawsonville, from 10AM to 3PM. We’ll also show our appreciation to the landowner, Herb Belins, whose birthday is this month. Kevin Scholberg will start the launch with a 32-cone salute!

Coyote Rocketry will provide BBQ pork and beef along with baked beans, potato salad, chips, bread, desert, and drinks.

There will be door prizes and raffles.

If you want to help out at the launch (LCO and Pad Manager, especially) go to the Range Duty Sign-up and sign up!

Weather looks pretty good! Partly sunny with high near 80, and moderate winds from the southwest, which will blow rockets back towards the road.  There’s a small chance of thundershowers late.

In the unlikely event of a rainout, we’ll relocate to the Tuxford Subdivision Clubhouse in Alpharetta (same location as the RocketTalk meetings) for BBQ and a swap meet.

This is a launch you can’t miss!