Gaining Full Access to SoAR’s Yahoo! Groups

SoAR maintains discussion groups on Yahoo! for the benefit of our members.

Yahoo! has changed a lot of things about the groups lately, and we can no longer directly subscribe you to the groups, so you’ll have to request access to them.

If you’ve never signed into Yahoo! before, go here to get an account. If you are an AT&T customer, you may already have a Yahoo! account. Also, note that you can sign in using your Facebook or Google accounts.

Once you’ve gotten an account, you can then join one or both of our groups:

  • SoarBusiness <–If you are a SoAR Member, please sign up for this one!
  • SoarChat You can sign up for this one even if you are not a SoAR Member.

Soon, sometime in the first half of 2015, we’ll switch to forums right here on the website, though we’ll possibly keep one of the Yahoo! Groups as an announcement mailing list. If you’re a SoAR member, you’ll get a password to use to log into the web forum. We’re still determining how to allow guests to use sections of it.