Gaining Full Access to SoAR’s Yahoo! Groups

When you joined SoAR, you were asked for a primary email address.  This address is then subscribed to SoAR’s official group, SoarBusiness.  Your primary email address is a member of SoarBusiness, and you should be able to send and receive messages.  SoarBusiness is used to communicate to members about club issues, and launch and event announcements and is used for general discussion. Due to Yahoo’s policies, we can only invite you to join the group. You must respond to the invitation within two weeks or you will not be added to the SoarBusiness group.

If, for some reason, you didn’t get an invitiation, or you let the invitation lapse (two weeks is the limit), you can join the group at any time simply by going to it using the link below, and clicking the Join button that appears.

A second list, SoARChat, is available for anyone to join.  This list can be used to chat about anything related to rocketry and to share information and techniques.

Each group has a web page (<name of group>) that gives members access to many features, including Chat, Polls, Photos, Files, the message archive, and the member list.  From the member list, you’ll be able to see when other members are online, and can invite them to a real-time Chat, either through Yahoo Instant Messenger, or the group’s chat room (which is ONLY accessible by group members!)

However, you must have a Yahoo ID (or Profile) associated with the email address to have access to the web part.  This is an anti-spam measure, so that the groups don’t get flooded with spoofed email addresses.  Once this is done, you’ll be able to access all the features of the group’s web site.

To get your Yahoo ID (if you don’t already have one):

  • Go to the main Yahoo! Groups page.
  • Click “register”, and on the registration form, choose an I.D. and password.
  • In the “alternate email” field, put your primary email address.
  • Complete the form and submit it.

In a minute or two, you will get an email from Yahoo, asking you to confirm. Click the link there, and you’ll be shown a page that says you’re now registered.

You should now have the opportunity to associate your new ID with the groups that the email address is a member of.  If you wish, you can have multiple Yahoo IDs associated with the same address, so that you can be “DanTheMan” in one group, and “DannyBoy” in the next.

If you ever need to change your email address in the future, you’ll need to go into your Yahoo Profile and change it there, and you should notify the SoAR Treasurer who will change it in our database.

SoarBusiness <–If you are a SoAR Member, please sign up for this one!

SoarChat You can sign up for this one even if you are not a SoAR Member