March 28th Launch Report

daves-cone-rocketThe March 28th launch event at Mill Springs was held on a blue sky but cool and windy day. We had twenty-eight participants launching a total of eighty-seven rockets, saucers, cones, and spools. There were a good number of multi-stage and cluster engine configurations resulting in the follow total motor ignition count: One 1/4A, two 1/2A, nineteen A, thirty-six B, sixteen C, nine D, twelve E, and two F. The winds blowing cross-field proved to be a challenge throughout the day; however, the number of rockets failing to reach the ground was not significant considering the altitudes being obtained.

Herb Howe put up a generous assortment of oddities with thrilling power selections for boost. David Fields brought out his Mercury and Gemini scale subjects that flew very well, and also an amazingly indestructible (well almost) cone shaped thing he called F-14 that provided four heads-up flight performances. Steve Bellio got top billing with mid-power launches including an interesting E30-4T on center with two C11-5s on his Heavy Duty Beauty. A Radio Shack Flashlight was launched straight and true by Joel Downs, although its reintroduction to earth was a bit abrupt. Roy dug out an old B6-2 that he had for twenty-four years and launched in an Estes Black Diamond. The engine worked good as new. Glenn Harper won the A Super-Roc contest with a 76cm rocket reaching an altitude of 328 feet. Overall it was an active day with many participants and family enjoying the afternoon.