December 16th Civil Air Patrol Cadet Launch Report

The Civil Air Patrol Cadet Launch event at Chattahoochee Pointe Park in Suwanee had twenty-six participants launch sixty-five rockets on a very comfortable December afternoon. The field dimensions were good for low-power, but a bit challenging for mid-power flights even with mild winds. Adjacent fields and many other open areas with smaller trees allowed some flexibility for recoveries.

Club members arrived early to try out the field and were soon joined by the Civil Air Patrol Cadets who had good success in launching their Alpha IIIs with B6-4s. David Cain got everyone’s attention by launching his Estes Mega Der Red Max on a G53-5J Smoke and Lee Childers sent up his Estes Goblin on an E9-8 then later on an E15-7 with streamer recovery and flew some of his helicopter recovery creations that are fun to watch. Kevin Scholberg’s Orange Web flown with an F15-0 performed very well as did his Estes Mammoth on a E16-4. Keith Frazier got all creative with a scratch-built No Name rocket that he flew multiple test flights, then loaded it with a cluster of B6-4 and two A10-0T motors.

The event wrapped up at 5:00 and the Cadets helped take down and pack-up the launch equipment.  A few event photos here.

Motor Ignition Counts:

  • A – 17
  • B – 31
  • C – 13
  • D – 2
  • E – 4
  • F – 1
  • G – 1