April 11th Launch Report

The April 11th Launch Event at Mill Springs was held on a picture perfect day. Blue skies prevailed while the winds remained mostly light to calm, and what did come along was frequently down the length of the field. Many rockets landed very close to the launch pads, including some that were reaching well over 500 feet in altitude. All of this favorable weather led to a busy day with forty-two participants launching an impressive total of 152 rockets. Motor selections included one micro, one ¼ A, five ½ A, forty-three A, fifty-three B, twenty-nine C, nine D, fourteen E, two F, and one G40 by Glenn Harper on his Leviathan’s last spectacular voyage.

The most remarkable launch was of an Estes Condor by Matt Boyd that lofted twin gliders. One of the gliders circled down in a gentle downward spiral, but the second glider seem to defy gravity and appeared to keep a constant altitude as it circled down the field for what seemed like a few minutes, finally landing gently on the grass at the far end of the field. A really amazing flight. Also of note were the numerous mid-powered flights with almost all of these successfully recovered. Most impressive was a launch of a LOC Ariel by Steve Bellio on a cluster of three E16-4 motors. Wow. There were other low power cluster launches (B & D) and two low power two-stage launches (A & B). Best Triathlon contest 250 foot flight was by Joel Downs who reached 255 feet. Lots of variety and lots of action provided a thrilling day for all spectators who came out to enjoy the event.